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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here are the 2019 winners of the 6th Outsourcing Star Gala Awards in Poland. For our readers from user / buyer side: knowing and working with the organizer, the Pro Progressio foundation since 2010, we can confirm that this really is an indicator on performance, quality and the general capabilities of the Polish IT-, business process- , and shared services industry.

So here are the winners in their categories:

Permanent recruitment – Randstad

Employee leasing – Sii

IT Contracting – Sii

BPO – Frista BPO


Call Contact Center – S8

IT Software Development – Sii

Sales – Antal (distinction)

Accounting, HR, Payroll – Process Solutions

City – Poznań

Real Estate Agency – Cushman & Wakefield

Developer – Skanska

Innovative Business Solution – Skanska (for the “Connected by Skanska” system)

Outstanding manager of the BSS sector – Paweł Łopatka, Head of SoftServe in Poland

The Outsourcing Stars Gala was also an opportunity to present a special prize, awarded by the City of Łódź. This award was given to the company Media4You for the marketing campaign “Mobilna Łódź” for the promotion of the city as an environment friendly to the development of entrepreneurship, including the sector of modern business services.

Award Gala + conference

For three years, the Outsourcing Stars Gala has been preceded by a full-day The BSS Forum – a unique conference during which the participants co-create the agenda and topics of discussion. The Pro Progressio Foundation gathered information on topics that are most in demand during talks with Pro Progressio Club members and experts from Polish and foreign companies, as well as BSS industry organizations. In this way, a wide set of topics was created, from which the Forum organizers built the final program of individual discussion panels, presentations and workshops, and gathered a group of people who were invited to participate actively in the discussions.

Speakers of The BSS Forum included Hanna Zdanowska, Elias van Herwaarden, Romek Lubaczewski, Krzysztof Senger PhD, Adam Pustelnik, Rafał Olejniczak, Zyta Machnicka, Wojciech Herra, Karel Franchois, Radek Drzewiecki, Kerry Hallard, Krzysztof Misiak, Maciej Kulbat, Marcin Janiszewski, Michał Bielawski, Dymitr Doktór and many others. The topics of the talks concerned such areas as: Employer Branding, Lean Strategy, Process Excellence, Sales, Strategy of Games in Business, Cooperation with Start-up environments, Duopolis and many others.

For anyone involved or interested in the Polish IT-, business process or shared services industry:

The Pro Progressio Foundation will organize at least five business conferences in various Polish cities. Each of the events will be aimed at discussing topics, challenges and trends that are the most important for the BSS world. The BSS Tour conferences also serve to collect issues that will form an agenda for The BSS Forum in 2020.

And what are these events without their industry, association, media and public administration partners?

The Strategic Partner of the Outsourcing Stars Gala and The BSS Forum in 2019 was the City of Łódź. The events were covered by the Honorary Patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and supported by Partners and Sponsors, including Cushman&Wakefield, Nowy Styl Group, Adaptive SAG, St. Pauls Development, CIMA, SPCC, BPCC, IAOP, Deutscher Outsourcing Verband, Emerging Europe Alliance, Riposta, Enterprise Ireland, RICS and Focus Event.

The next Outsourcing Stars Gala will be organized in 2020 and as it was communicated by the organizers of this year’s edition – we can “expect an unexpected”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]