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Home Business New IT Market Report 2024 – Krakow (PL)

Over the last 20 years Krakow has developed as one of Europe’s truly leading GBS centres, employing today more than 120,000 professionals which represents the largest concentration of business services specialists in Europe.

The GBS sector is also the driver of the IT market in Krakow, accounting for 25% of all positions in GBS centres in Krakow.

This report provides on 168 pages, valuable insights for all professionals and organisations involved or interested in IT services in / out of Krakow and will help to better understand the conditions, the opportunities and the challenges ahead. Some of the key topics covered, include:

  • Total Market Size
  • New Entrants in 2024
  • Largest Employers
  • Start-ups and Unicorns
  • Impact of GBS on the IT market
  • Impact of Gen. AI
  • Impact of Remote and Hybrid working
  • Top Skills
  • Salaries
  • Set-up Costs
  • Expert Views
  • IT Events Calendar

This is a free report by Aspire – the GBS Association in Krakow and Montife – a recruitment specialist firm in Krakow.

You can download the report here free of charge.