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The Outsourcing Journal provides in depth information, industry news and insights about the German, European and Global IT- and business service industry. The journal is available free of charge and contributes to the knowledge transfer in the DACH countries, Europe and other markets.

There are more than 1.000 pages of shared knowledge in our special editions and more than 800 articles available entirely free of charge, without registration via our online edition!

The German Outsourcing Association is one of the biggest networks for ITO and BPO professionals and organisations in Europe. With a reach of effectively 50.000 contacts and a campaign output of up to 260.000 contacts we guarantee effective public relations in our home markets and beyond.

Via our publications, such as the Outsourcing Journal, the Destination Guides, with our education program and events our members gain access to market information, best practices, expert knowledge and skills that help to better evaluate and implement ITO/BPO projects.

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With its Online and its Special Editions the Outsourcing Journal provides a unique platform for communicating and presenting. The focus on informative, neutral content makes the OJ a valuable resource for all market attendees.

  • high quality platform due to the strict content selection
  • affordable advertising starting form 90 EUR/month
  • unique and modern presentation options for better recognition
  • unique media and advertising media mix

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