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Home Business Recruiting for Key-Positions in Technology and Business Process Services in Germany

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The current market conditions in Germany – and other European markets – put HR and recruiting managers in the position to find new solutions for attracting and actively recruiting key positions, especially in the technology and business process service sector.

External help from recruiting agencies is welcome, but not every agency understands the dynamics of the outsourcing sector and can therefore provide effective solutions.

In order to support our markets, we as German Outsourcing Association follow trends in IT, HR and other sectors and maintain a network to all kinds of organisations in Germany and Europe.

One of those organisations is PRIMEPEOPLE, a specialised recruiting service provider that is run by former senior executives of large and medium-sized technology service companies.

What’s special is that PRIMEPEOPLE’s team only consists of consultants who are deeply connected with the IT and outsourcing industry through former positions in corporate groups and SMEs as executive board members, managing directors, and sales managers among other positions. This ensures that PRIMEPEOPLE’s partners benefit from an active knowledge of the industry and a long-standing business network.

“We serve our clients over many years and develop a deep understanding of their specific business. This enables us, together with our operational experience from prior business functions, to act as their mouthpiece in a limited job-applicant market.”, explains Markus Wagener, managing partner. “Our clients value our ability to fill vacancies across all hierarchy levels, from board members to senior professionals.”, adds his partner colleague Martin Boit.

PRIMEPEOPLE has recently joint us as corporate member and will share their insights about recruiting and other aspects of the labor market in the segment of IT and business process services in Germany.

You can find out more information about PRIMEPEOPLE at www.primepeople.de/en


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