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Home Business Recommendation to read: Challenges of Software Development Outsourcing

Two young tech-entrepreneurs from Poland took an effort to figure out and share some key points from CTO’s perspective on the difficulties they are presented with when working with external software development partners. The result is a pretty comprehensive report taking a closer look at those challenges and providing insights on successful software development outsourcing relations, including:

  • Helpful tools and methods tech leaders use to overcome their daily challenges with outsourcing software development.
  • Communication and working-together tips.
  • The real cost of outsourcing, and whether the low cost and high quality can actually go hand in hand.
  • Practical advice from experienced tech leaders. The little things that can weigh on the whole project.

This guide is available free of charge via the AsperBrother’s website: https://asperbrothers.com/software-outsourcing-guide/

The authors write explaining why they put together this guide: “According to Statista, overall global spending on IT services in 2020 will reach 1.1 trillion dollars, and software out- sourcing will become a steadily growing piece of that pie. Working with international clients every day, we’re no strangers to the daily challenges of IT outsourcing faced by both sides of the process. Seeing how many of these challenges tend to recur, and how relatively easy it is to get (at least some of them) out of the way of successful projects, we decided to write it all down in a helpful guide for tech leaders worldwide. But we didn’t want to rely just on our experience (though we have quite a lot of it, but still, we realize we’re just a single team of experts). So we set out to ask CTOs of companies all over the world about their outsourcing experiences, traps they’ve fallen into, and methods they’ve devised over the years to deal with various types of challenges.

What you’re about to read is an insightful mix of what they said with what we notice from a vendor’s perspective. It is designed to give you practical ideas you can use in your soft- ware development practices to make outsourcing projects less of a pain (which we know they can sometimes be).” 

Pawel Jackowski and Mike Jackowski, AsperBrothers

Thank you Pawel and Mike for sharing the report.