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The concept of creating more independence from one business location and increasing flexibility for business operations via hiring external domain experts or locating own business support centers outside its organization’s home city, state, country or even continent has been proven to be very successful and has become almost a necessity in order to achieve business targets and increase or maintain competitiveness.

Fueled by enormous political and economical changes in the late 20st century in Europe, many countries in Central and Eastern Europe used the chance for creating knowledge and skill driven business support and technology services sectors – the IT and business process outsourcing and shared services industries.

The one location that has build an exceptional position for its outsourcing and shared service sector is Poland. The industry is not only exemplary in the region, and in Europe but also recognized on other continents, like North-America and India.

It therefore provides very good opportunities for economies in other countries to gain access to skilled experts and domain knowledge in areas such as banking and finance processes, information technology, human resources, procurement, logistics and more.

Wiktor Doktor, President of the Pro Progressio Foundation gives a short overview of the guide’s content in his podcast here: https://youtu.be/6FpSsBirEb4

2020 Location Guide Poland – free information for instant download

To learn more about the current conditions and evaluate the opportunities for your organizations, we have, in a joint initiative with our long-term local partner association, the Pro Progressio Foundation, created the 2020 Outsourcing Destination Guide Poland.

The guide is part of our series of location guides and allows insights into the Polish outsourcing and shared services sector via market overview, case studies and business insights reports and also provides contacts to local investment support organizations and businesses.

We offer the guide PDF version for free download as well as printed version on our and other leading industry events.

You can download the guide here: https://www.outsourcing-destinations.org/outsourcing-destination-guide-poland-2020/

Or if you are a member of the German Outsourcing Association with a login to the associations website www.outsourcing-verband.org, the guide is also available in the download section.


We would like to thank our co-operation partner, the Pro Progressio Foundation, and our publication partners CBRE Group, LL.M. Chudzik & Partners Law Firm and TTEC Solutions, as well as all authors and contributors for their efforts and support in making this guide a useful source of information for clients, consultants and investors.