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Home Business Market Entry For Foreign IT and BPO Specialists Has Become Easier

Following our annual conference, we pay close attention to our guest and workshop facilitator Sascha Kronberg from IGNITE MY SALES. In his presentation, he shared his expertise in B2B sales in Germany. We are proud to have helped to initiate a new service category “Business Development as a Service” (BDaaS); geared towards the IT Outsourcing industry.

In an interview with Outsourcing&More, Sascha is now sharing his thoughts and expertise on the readiness and requirements for technology and process service companies entering the German market.

“Germany, the European economic powerhouse, is opening up to international partnerships due to the lack of human resources in the IT development segment. Unfortunately, that does not mean that sales success comes easy”, said Sascha Kronberg, Managing Director with a track record of introducing technology companies to the German market.

Here is the full interview, to learn about obstacles addressing local business in Germany. Read the full interview and download the issue of Outsourcing&More from our partner organization on Poland ProProgressio here (select issue 5/2019): https://www.proprogressio.pl/en/media/press.html