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September 2018, Editors Deutscher Outsourcing Verband e.V. – Germany is an attractive target market for foreign IT and business process services providers. Now one could say this is a good thing, because German buyers benefit from a more competitive market environment and plenty IT and business process specialist companies to choose from, while at the same time this means good business for the service provider side. This is not wrong, however this also brings a few challenges to the table.

Because finding and selecting a suitable technology or business process partner is not so easy, when the market is less transparent and when the company has even only a few or no experiences in outsourcing. In addition all service providers present themselves somewhat different, rarely with information that are actually useful for a quick pre-evaluation, references are seldom given or it is often very difficult to see whether these are relevant or not. At the end buyers face a situation where it is extremely difficult to put together a long-/ or short list of potentially suitable technology or business process partners.

Here the German Outsourcing Association helps with an independent catalogue of suitable service providers for IT and business processes, industry associations and resources.

Support for German buyers of IT and BPO services in two steps

The association was limiting the participation and inclusion in this catalogue strictly to companies and organization the association has been working on in contact with over a longer period of time and has therefore insights into their business mentality, operations and references. This way German buyers benefit in two ways:

1)   a pre-selected number of service providers with a high market fit

2)   standardized company information for easier comparison and evaluation



Due to the knowledge about each of the included companies and organizations, the association even gives an independent recommendation for co-operations on sourcing projects in Germany.


Direct distribution and free download

The catalogue was in the first step send to sourcing consultants in Germany and in the second step to representatives form buyer side in Germany. In the third step we have made the catalogue public for free download via our websites.


Download the 2018 Service provider catalogue here: https://www.outsourcing-verband.org/en/outsourcing-anbieter-katalog/