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Home Business Ensuring remote IT services under COVID-19 – A short interview


The COVID-19 outbreak puts limitations not only on personal lives but also on the way businesses operate. We asked Armen Kocharyan Co-Founder and Managing Director of Volo a typical mid-sized IT-services provider with seven development offices and representations across the globe how his team is managing the restriction and ensure delivery of projects for their clients in different markets.

ST: Armen, I can imagine the current restrictions around the Coronavirus outbreak also influence your operations in Armenia and Ukraine. How do you manage to ensure projects are running and clients can rely on your technical support?

AR: At Volo, we have an active and efficient remote work culture and the needed IT infrastructure to support both our employees and our business partners. We monitor the situation and take all the required measures to ensure the safety and health of our people and the smooth processes and business continuity for our customers.

All  team meetings, sprint planning sessions and client calls are done on a remote basis and  we made sure that no project had an even tiny process change because of the shift to WFH routine.

Volo has a comprehensive business continuity plan that has been tested for each software solution we offer. At this point, all our employees have been asked to work from home. Key people who need specific access to our offices are following the recommendations to limit their exposure and interactions with other people and make sure that no process is paused.

ST: What are the most critical restrictions and why?

AR: If the current situation continues for more than a month, we can expect that many processes will slow down, which means business operations will be challenged and many business owners will struggle to keep their business up and running.

In other words, we can consider this as an initial stage of crisis. Crisis may have bad and good impact. Bad is the immediate revenue decrease and big economical and emotional discomfort. At the same time, this situation forces businesses to be more innovative and come up with new operation models, find new ways of creating value.

We do see many challenges for us and our employees, but, if you have right process in place, overcoming challenges is just a matter of time. At the same time, we see huge possibilities for adding value to our partners’ business through our software solutions.

ST: What can you recommend clients of technology service providers in order to do their part to ensure projects run smoothly even under these hardened conditions?

Think the unthinkable!

This is the time for smart executives to think about innovating and challenging the new reality via technology. This is the best time to think about digital transformation and get back to the part of your business you always wanted to optimize but never had the time for.

As a trusted technology service provider for many enterprises, we would recommend business owners focus on the collaboration with their software teams and look for new innovative solutions to optimize and smoothly run their business with the help of technology.


Thank you for this Interview!

About Volo: Volo is a unique software development company established in 2006 and headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, with 7 development offices in Armenia and Ukraine. Volo has evolved from its two founding developers to a team of 250+ professionals and growing. Nonetheless, we choose to put our unbeatable quality and customer care at the core of our company, instead of opting for fast scaling and uncontrollable growth. Volo delivers services to a wide spectrum of companies, ranging from startups that are ready to challenge the market to well-established businesses. Volo has delivered 160+ completed projects with a 0% failure rate to our customers across 4 continents to date.

We as an independent association are working with Volo already for some time on many different initiatives and got to know the people at Volo as very driven, smart and reliable software development partners.

See for yourself at: volo.global[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]