migrate2mobile_textbox_gartner-300There is a clear picture emerging: customers all over the world are going mobile.

The future of any business now, more than ever is in the consumers’ hands or to be more precise – in their mobile devices. It forces business to adopt modern technologies and quickly migrate services to mobile platforms. Whether it is a publishing agency, retail business, real estate agency, auto-dealer, high tech company or anybody else, the provision of a modern mobile infrastructure is now a ‘must have’ condition for preserving your current customer base and acquiring a new one.

Selecting a reliable technology partner is not an easy task; it can be a rather long and difficult endeavor. To make your search process easier we would like to introduce one of specialized technology partners in Europe, with an in-depth understanding of mobile solutions and mobile business – Migrate2Mobile, a Full Service Mobile Agency, based in Minsk, Belarus.

As a solutions and engineering partner Migrate2Mobile is not just another outsourcing company, but rather adds expertise and profound knowledge of different solutions, markets and business cases to the migration and integration process of mobile components and solutions.

The company helps all size of customers ranged from start-ups developing their first commercial product to well-established mature businesses in need of a high technology support of their day-to-day operations.

Founded by veterans of the IT service industry, Migrate2Mobile offers a fully comprehensive service portfolio including:

– Mobile development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry;
– Integration with social platforms;
– HTML5 expertise;
– Complex web systems development;

The company offers different co-operation models such as project-by-project cooperation and establishment of clients own IT Development teams in Eastern Europe, taking advantage of the high availability of qualified people and labor arbitrage.

Each customer receives personal approach and treatment fitting its business requirements in a maximal degree. Some cases for your attention:

– Start-up company contracted Migrate2mobile to develop their first iPad app. The whole way from an idea to a ready product took 2 months and two weeks until AppStore approved the product. The client employed a well thought social media marketing strategy, which resulted in a fantastic growth of product downloads during the first two months after release to the market. Migrate2Mobile product development experience has helped to launch the app right in the agreed time and budget. Now Migrate2Moble continues to serve the customer as a technology partner developing Android version of the app as well as enhancing iPad app functionality.

– A well-known e-commerce company contracted Migrate2Mobile to renovate their back-end, automate order management process and integrate mobile components into the whole system. Adoption of mobile technology was a vital requirement as a bounce rate for mobile audience was 15% higher than for traditional PC users and had been growing, which meant loosing of mobile based customers.

Migrate2Mobile took 4 weeks for existing system analysis that followed by 5 months of development. As a result, the client got a fully automated order processing system, website optimized for mobile browsers and iOS based app as an interface for mobile oriented audience. Currently Migrate2Mobile continues to serve the client as a technology partner developing Android version of a mobile interface and maintaining other requests.


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Author: Michael Grebennikov, Managing Partner, Migrate2Mobile. Picture: Migrate2Mobile, Edited by OutCome