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In general, Outsource People 2013 focused on analyzing the current state of affairs on / future of the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market, discussing the possibilities of IT market consolidation and pushing Ukrainian ITO service providers into creating self-organized clusters within the local IT communities all over Ukraine that would encourage knowledge and expertise sharing, RFPs exchange and other win-win solutions.

The “Europe” stream was largely focused on marketing for ITO service providers and discussed the following topics:

• How to use affiliate marketing for better promotion of IT products and services
• How to better market ITO on foreign markets
• Use of landing pages
• Bonus system for client referrals
• Successes and pitfalls of opening a representative office in different regions within Ukraine and abroad

The “America” stream was focused more on lead generation, customer relationships and HR management.


The key takeaways from the Conference are as follows:

1. Many Ukrainian ITO service providers fail to set up effective sales departments in Ukraine and, thus, tend to set a footprint in their target geographies by launching sales offices there and hiring local managers to run them

2. Attendance at events remains the most effective way to generate high quality leads and increase conversions

3. The vast majority of Ukrainian ITO service providers still fail to establish proper lead nurture programs

4. Many companies enhance their eMarketing campaigns by doing a combination of Adwords and landing pages even though SEO and paid ad campaigns remain the least effective ways of generating leads in ITO

5. Public education fails to provide sufficient resources to the ITO industry, as the curricula are, as a rule, “a far cry” from real-life business needs. As such, a growing number of Ukrainian outsourcing providers tend to either establish own educational centers, labs and incubators to grow own tech resources, or fund and sponsor IT learning centers at universities

6. Bionic Hill, a future Ukrainian innovation park to be built up in the months to come, is going to invest $100K into development of their own IT university that will graduate specialists with exact skills needed by today’s businesses

7. There’s a better understanding within the Ukrainian IT community now that clients should be able to communicate directly with their Ukrainian software developers in order to get better outcomes from their engagements rather than rely solely on PMs

8. Many Ukrainian ITO service providers feel the necessity of joining forces and creating alliances or clusters in order to be able to lobby / influence on the country’s IT legislation and employment regulations in a more effective way

9. There’s a growing trend observed that more ITO buyers looking out to leverage Ukrainian software development resources want to partner with providers able to also act as outsourcing mentors and tailor their project management and internal processes to specific business needs of each customer

10. A new hot trend on the Ukrainian ITO Market is a shift from traditional project-based outsourcing to product development services 2.0 (PDS 2.0) which is a proactive solution-based and domain-led offering based on a provider’s portfolio of internally and externally developed assets and aimed at helping clients become more innovative and reduce time to market


Exclusively for Outsourcing Verband (German Outsourcing Association) by Viktor Bogdanov, General Chair Ukraine of the German Outsourcing Association and Digital Content Strategist at Intersog. Picture: Viktor Bogdanov