FIM E A4 CMYK 300 PCThe Research Institute for International Management at the University of St.Gallen (FIM-HSG) conducts research, teaching and executive education programs focusing on international and diversity management as well as top management teams. It also hosts the ASIA CONNECT Center (ACC-HSG) that serves as a platform for Swiss, European as well as Asian companies to improve their market entry/expansion success in their respective foreign markets. Besides Europe for Asian companies, the country focus of the ACC-HSG in Asia lies on China, India, Thailand and Singapore for European companies. The ACC-HSG offers primarily industry intelligence services supporting companies in their strategic decision making and network development with local decision makers from business, industry and government bodies. In addition, it provides advanced executive education programs on doing business in Asia. The FIM-HSG also hosts the Competence Center for Global Account Management (CGAM-HSG) that offers one of the few senior executive education programs worldwide supporting global account managers in the improvement of their strategic and operational activities. For more information please visit: 

The FIM-HSG is co-operation partner of our special edition “Outsourcing India” (Autumn 2012)