Surprising findings    

The striking thing about these results is that most people surveyed do not appear to believe there is an IT skills shortage. Although across the globe the majority of those who took part stated that senior technical skills were most lacking from the market place.   

The majority (globally) blamed the economy for any employment issues, while poor IT training was cited as a problem issue in developing markets. Interestingly, a large volume of people outside North America and Europe appeared to have some belief that the best IT talent moves abroad and everyone across the world was skeptical about generation y.   

However, no research is ever fully representative and the majority of those who took part in this survey held senior IT roles, and had been in their jobs for over two years. In addition to this more than half across all regions did not have plans to change job any time soon. This statistic was highest in North America where an overwhelming 78.68% intended to stay put.   The following results therefore only offer a snapshot of opinions on the job market now. 

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