Premier Wen Jiabao emphasized on March 5, 2007 in the Fifth Session of the Tenth National People’s Congress that “China should actively participate in international outsourcing and upgrade its service industry development.” In the Outline of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development enacted in March 2006, it was clearly stated that “China should accelerate the change of foreign trade growth pattern and build a number of outsourcing bases to undertake the transfer of the international service industry.” 

In line with the action plan of the “1,000-100-10 Project” led by the MOC, a group of major cities will be selected as primary outsourcing cities to undertake offshore outsourcing by the MOC, the MII, the MOST, the MOE, and the MOF. These cities will enjoy support from China’s central government in macroeconomic policies, planning, investment, coordination, and other related aspects. In addition, special-purpose funds would be earmarked for the construction of public information platforms, the development of HR, and the improvement of infrastructure and investment environments. The “1,000-100-10 Project” adopts a model of “primary outsourcing city + showcase area” jointly appointed and built by the MOC and local provincial governments.   

A primary outsourcing city refers to a major city with offshore outsourcing services as its dominant industry that conforms to the overall plan of the region for national economic and social development and serves as a role model for the industry and the region.    

An outsourcing showcase area refers to an area in a primary outsourcing city with a cluster of key SPs and a scale of economy that can play a pivotal role in promoting the outsourcing business of the primary outsourcing city and surrounding areas. An outsourcing showcase area is often an area with specific economic functions such as a national economic and technical development zone, a high-tech park, or a software park. 

To date, one state-level outsourcing showcase area—the Suzhou Industrial Park—and 11 primary outsourcing cities, namely, Dalian, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jinan, and Wuhan have been selected.

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