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Metthew heffron Bio100x100Metthew Heffron – Former CEO with deep insight across more than 20 industries in as many years making him a top go-to for process re-engineering, program rescue and outsourcing assessment engagements. His innovative approach has earned him the honorary title of “Ambassador of Excitement” by marketing. In many ways his wholistic contribution defies labels having performed as solutions architect, transition manager, process re-engineer, business analyst, systems designer, solutions developer, videographer, graphic artist, proofreader, writer, and cartoonist — sometimes all in the same week. Matthew is currently performing as Director of Global Integrated Solutions for Sutherland Global Services which reveals little of the totality of what he actually does, but such is the way with titles. Specialties: BPO, excitement, innovation, vision, insight, humor, process re-engineering, cartoonist, videographer, solutions architect, communications artist. >