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We’re going to see how well their mobile Web experiences stack up. But before we do, we need to ask a few questions.

Why Bother With Mobile?

Why are the candidates attempting to create mobile-optimized Web experiences? Well, the US population is sitting at around 311 million. Of those 311 million people, about half of US adults own a smartphone. On top of that, for a whopping 28% of Americans, a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web. So, for a candidate looking to reach potential voters, mobile provides a tremendous opportunity to connect with their constituents.

What’s more is that people are arriving to the mobile Web through more diverse channels than ever before. In addition to direct and referral traffic, candidates are using social networks, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, search and more. Because these activities are increasingly happening on mobile, creating Web experiences optimized for mobile makes even more sense for the candidates.

The candidates see mobile as a big opportunity to turn visitors into voters. We can see the candidates’ incentive, but now we must ask another important “Why” question.

Read the full article now at It gives a good view on how to set up your mobile strategy and what your mobile development provider or inhouse team can do to make this a successfull endevor!


Author: Brad Frost is a mobile web strategist and front-end designer at R/GA and is based out of beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He is the creator of Mobile Web Best Practices, a resource site aimed at helping people create great mobile and responsive web experiences. He runs a responsive web design newsletter and also curates WTF Mobile Web, a site that teaches by example what not to do when working with the mobile web. He is passionate about mobile and is constantly tweeting, writing and speaking about it.


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