Since 2006 the company started to offer IT consulting services in regard to the development process organization, techniques and tools to use for specific projects. People and Experiences – Rozdoum people make our company special. Responsibility and trust, the first things that we value in ourselves, determine our behavior on the market. Seamless integration of experience in onshore and offshore programming with latest approaches in European education and business expertise make our people the key success factor. 

All our team members have higher technical education. The majority of us participated in business and scientific projects held in Europe and the US. This brought a clear understanding of underlying processes and unwritten rules of project management techniques used in Europe and the US. Being well-informed and up-to-date with current IT trends, the team smartly utilizes best practices of software development, with strong focus on non-stop development.

Mission – Rozdoum mission is to provide software products and services for IT businesses worldwide with mutual respect, reliability and trust.

Co-operation – Decency and flexibility are the key factors in rozdoums cooperation with partners and customers. Decency in terms of keeping the given word and beeing relaible to contracts and arrangements. Flexibility means: you can always communicate and develop the scheme of cooperation together. 

Domain expertise – Throughout last 6 years we gathered experience and knowledge in different domain areas. The projects we leaded and implemented had the duration from several weeks to several years. The know-how we acquired, allows us to provide confident solutions for the following domains:

Modeling of software
DSL editors
GPS, tracking and navigation systems
E-mail marketing systems
E-Commerce systems
Social networking
Brokerage and auction systems


Rozdoum is official Knowledge-Partner of the Outsourcing Journal and is sharing best practices and information on IT-development in the fields above. Read more about those topics soon here at the Outsourcing Journal and in the the Outsourcing Newsletter


Rozdoum’s offices are in Kharkiv/Ukraine and in New York /US. European customers reach rozdoum at:

Contact: Anastacia Novikova / Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: +38 057 7629445
Address: Rozdoum, Str. Rimarskaya 23, Kharkov 61057, Ukraine