samsung BD MD Choon-Soo-Moon

The centre started operations in August 2010 – and delivered its first projects beginning 2011. Focusing on mobile phone technologies and feature phones, the center has scaled up to a headcount of over 250 engineers in less than a year. “The cost of hiring an experienced IT engineer in Bangladesh is around one tenth of that in a developed country like US” said Joseph Seungbyoung Oh, VP at Samsung Bangladesh R&D Center. Many engineers have been to the parent plant at Korea for training, and are successfully working on projects in Bangladesh now.

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“Most hires are technically sound, we have to invest in bringing them to speed on corporate work culture.” quips Joseph Oh. Big enterprise experience is something new for local resources – as a result – attrition, too, is much lower in Dhaka than other centers. Having delivered projects successfully, Samsung R&D Bangladesh is aiming to scale up further to over 1000+ resources, to serve the African and Mid-east markets.


Source: Bangladesh Beckons – An Emerging IT/ITeS Outsourcing Destination, KPMG 2012 with support of UN/WTO International Trade Centre ITC

Picture: Choon Soo Moon, managing director of Samsung Electronics Bangladesh operations, Source: