Elements of Document Scanning Services

There are many elements making up document scanning outsourcing. These BPO services usually cater to converting paper documents to various electronic formats. TIFF, JPG, GIFF, PDF, PSD, etc. can be accommodated with document scanning services. To put it in simple words, it involves scanning the paper document and converting it into electronic form.


Explain Your Requirements to the BPO company

So when you choose a document scanning company, ensure that it offers you the opportunity to explain your specifications and objectives for the particular project. This would ensure that the BPO company satisfies your expectations. Then check whether the company comprehensively caters to all file extensions. These are critical factors without which document scanning outsourcing won’t be as successful or beneficial for your organization.


Steps Involved in Document Scanning BPO Services

There are many stages involved in document scanning services.

First comes the preparation stage when the document must be analyzed, and if a paper document, must be made ready for a scan. The folded edges must be straightened and the staples removed.

This is followed by the actual scanning where advanced software comes to play. As the document is converted to an image, it is enhanced for better clarity. Many functions such as cropping, re-sizing, and inverting are performed to ensure the best result.

The most critical aspect at this stage will be color detection and text detection. Scanners have auto color detection feature that enable scanning of full color, black ‘n’ white and mixed color documents. Text detection is ensured through OCR and ICR features.


Final Stages of the Process

Ensure that the document scanning company you’re zeroing in on provides these BPO services. Get in touch with the experts there and express your expectations.

The final stages involved in the document scanning process are indexing and quality control.

Indexing ensures the scanned documents can be easily found and retrieved and smoothly integrated into a document management system.

The work is then extensively checked for quality.

A BPO company offering document scanning outsourcing must offer these processes in a systematic manner. This will ensure a successful and beneficial partnership. These tips on selecting a reliable document scanning company must be kept in mind when deciding to outsource your document scanning requirements.


Author: Bob Kruse (via)