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Getting ahead

While still developing in major areas such as management, infrastructure and export marketing the CEE destinations are clearly getting ahead of our home markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland in terms of knowledge, expertise and resources. A development that many people in our markets don’t like to discuss.

And to talk about CEE as IT-work bench of the West is not quite right, because the level of knowledge and expertise involved is way to high that one could call it an executing function only.


The future

The future looks bright for CEE IT and business process service providers. Why? Because, speaking for our home market Germany, the demand for IT skills and business process knowledge will not decrease. Quiet the opposite is predicted, which is not difficult to explain. The current situation in Germany, where companies are unable to fill desperately needed positions in IT and higher qualified jobs as engineering is caused by failed educational policy and there are no signs that the Government has efficient tools to manoeuvre against.

So German companies will be forced to look outside their boarders for IT-project support and the most accessible destination for that is the CEE region.


Why do people choose CEE providers?

Because they are cheap, you would say. No! This is not about being cheap, at least not when speaking about the DACH markets. You are right when you say that you can find any desired talent and skill at any time with flexible co-operation models. Something that is unfortunately impossible when looking for domestic resources in the DACH countries.


The CEE outsourcing service industry – new special issue of the Outsourcing Journal

With our new special edition of the Outsourcing Journal we provide on 87 pages practical insights and references for those considering using external ITO and BPO project partners. We have invited authors from the CEE region to share their expertise, local insights and point of view.


>> Download this special issue (PDF, 28.7 MB) for free


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