tpi assambling 2012-Europa issue grafik 550Recent developments in utility-based IT contracts, standardized services and cloud computing are driving considerable savings out of IT budgets. ISG analyses of large global organizations have identified potential savings exceeding 40 percent. Additional benefits include the ability to address specialized needs of different business models and to integrate best-of-breed providers. However, to sustain these benefits, strong operational and commercial governance processes are essential. Indeed, the benefits achieved through leveraging a service provider's standard service offerings can be rapidly undone without effective controls in place.

romney-obama smashingmagazine 2012The US presidential race is heading into full swing, which means we'll soon see the candidates intensely debate the country's hot-button issues. While the candidates are busy battling it out, the Web design world is entrenched in its own debate about how to address the mobile Web: creating separate mobile websites versus creating responsive websites.

It just so happens that the two US presidential candidates have chosen different mobile strategies for their official websites. In the red corner is Republican candidate Mitt Romney's dedicated mobile website, and in the blue corner is incumbent Barack Obama's responsive website.

yonder iquarant 640Die demografischen Veränderungen bringen im Gesundheitsmarkt Forderungen nach erhöhtem Leistungsumfang und gesteigerter Qualität mit sich. Diese bewirken ihrerseits den Bedarf nach Kostensen- kung, die Nachfrage nach einer schnelleren und besseren Versorgung samt wenigeren ärztlichen Behandlungsfehlern. Diese Impulse haben den Softwareanbieter PinkRoccade Healthcare dazu bewogen, innovative Lösungen anzubieten. Sowohl die Innovation als auch die Ausführungsfähigkeit ergeben sich aus dem Outsourcing.

Ciklum CAMS 640After several years of consulting with the Agile development and project management gurus and thorough analysis of Agile behavior patterns from more than 80 clients' own nearshore Agile software development teams, Ciklum has developed a unique tool to measure Agile effectiveness in a distributed software development environment – the Comparative Agile Measurement System (CAMS).