InCrys joins the Outsourcing Verband as Knowledge Partner. The Knoweldge Partnership with the Outsourcing Verband (German Outsourcing Association) is a more active membership, where the partners provide insights on project experiences, local industry news. Here we would like to...

SharePoint picture ms website 520What a search-driven application can tell us about the evolution of organizations. In such a rapidly-changing business ecosystem, organizations resemble more and more with complex organisms, increasingly following a typically evolutionary path: becoming more and more specialized.

When we're talking about the evolution of an organization, we refer to those elements which can have a global impact, generating essential change. Elements which can support an organization to develop from multiple fundamental aspects. The way an organization centralizes and distributes its flow of information is one of them.

interventure-pic-4 520x313A nearshoring company based in Zurich and Belgrade, which provides an innovative and completely intuitive approach to software development.

InterVenture is a Swiss nearshoring company, specialised in the establishment of client-own development teams in Serbia. Our core competence is the recruitment, establishment and support of client-own software developers at our Nearshore Development Center in Belgrade.

promwad grafik-stf 520By Roman Pakholkov, founder and CEO, Promwad Innovation Company. An analysis of the possibility of outsourcing electronics development in the CIS States, based on statistics and the authors personal experience of working in the high-tech markets of Russia and Belarus.

In recent years, the CIS States have seen a successful development of a new type of companies developing custom-made electronics - independent design houses or centers (IDH / IDC). This business model emerged in the world's market in the early 2000s, but in the post-Soviet countries, the evolution of the electronics industry was ten years behind (see Picture 1).

mhealth 7 520The quick pace of mobile technology, coupled with a broad worldwide penetration of smartphones, has effectively transformed Healthcare into a new entity called mHealth.

In 2012, the number of medical application users will reach 247 million, which is more than double the 124 million users who downloaded medical applications in 2011. Global revenue from mHealth apps grew from 140 million in 2010 to 1.3 billion in 2012, and continues to progress on an upward curve. Why is mHealth so commercially successful, and what factors contribute to this economic success story? Please read on for several examples based on Migrate2Mobile's (www.migrate2mobile. com) recent development experience that out- line some of the reasons behind the explosion in mHealth's success.

mobile optimized belarus logo 520After the first and second Belarusian mobile development conferences successfully organized in 2011 and 2012, the mobile development community got much more active and requires the conference to become an annual tradition. MobileOptimized 2011 had 500+ attendees and around 50 speakers on mobile technologies development, mobile web, gamedev and mobile marketing issues covered by specialists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the UK, the Netherlands etc, MobileOptimized 2012 was even better with 600+ participants and speakers from Europe, US, Russia and Belarus. Join us today and see what happened in 2013!

cast webinar april2013 520Gibt es in Ihrem Unternehmen eine Application Portfolio Management Initiative? Oder sollte es sie geben? Falls Sie je in einem Application Portfolio Management Projekt involviert waren, wissen Sie wahrscheinlich, dass zwar gute und brauchbare Informationen gesammelt werden, jedoch diese oft nicht sinnvoll genutzt werden. Wird es richtig gemacht, hilft APM der IT Abteilung eine informative und fundierte Entscheidung bezüglich der Modernisierung zu treffen, sowie die benötigte Transparenz zu schaffen um das erforderliche Budget für die Entwicklung zu begründen.

684719 50794529Despite the fact that enterprise IT departments have invested heavily in dynamic testing tools to verify and validate application performance and scalability before releasing these business applications into production, performance issues and response time latency continue to negatively impact the business.

ciklum agile nov2012Ciklum ist stolz darauf, den Abschluss des Akkreditierungsprozesses für ICAgile-Training zu verkünden und somit die erste offiziell anerkannte ICAgile Ausbildungsorganisation in Europa, dem Nahen Osten und Afrika (EMEA) zu sein.

Die Akkreditierung bestätigt Ciklum´s Kompetenz im Bereich agile Beratung und markiert einen wichtigen Meilenstein in Ciklum´s Entwicklung als professionelles Agile-Unternehmen.

cast metrix 640With recent trends in the reduced accessibility of skilled resources, the continued drive to improve the bottom line, and the growing new breed of mainland, near shore and offshore outsourcing options, the se- lection of an IT vendor is becoming increasingly critical. Yet outsourcing inherently carries with it a certain relinquishment of control—and when the outsourced project has an off-shored element, the potential increase in benefits is met with an equivalent increased set of risks.