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Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Management In-depth information about BPO as HR, finance & accounting, procurement, document management, call center and customer service, legal process outsourcing services and more. Stay informed about latest trends and market movements.  

pac BPM studie 2013 520München, August 2013: Für Unternehmen aus der DACH-Region ist Business Process Management (BPM) ein Topthema. Sie verbinden damit vor allem strategische Vorteile: Geschäftsprozesse können transparenter und effizienter gestaltet und deren Qualität gesteigert werden. Obwohl es sich um ein IT-Thema handelt, sind die BPM-Aktivitäten vorrangig Business-getrieben. Dies sind die zentralen Ergebnisse einer Studie des Marktforschungs- und Beratungsunternehmens Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) im Auftrag von OpenText.

power plant 520 optUtilities companies, that once promised high dividends to its stockholders and carried low risks, are increasingly witnessing their profit margins decline as they respond to material regulatory constraints, demand fluctuations, price volatility and new competition. Furthermore, power generation continues to remain one of the most regulated and capital-intensive industry, facing the triple challenge of improving environmental performance, delivering a high degree of system reliability while keeping consumers' costs down. These dynamics have consistently eaten into the utility companies' profit margins, forcing these organizations to re- think their business models and leverage information technology and analytics as sources of competitive advantage.

cogniz ind autumn2012 jumper 520 webUnlocking the value in Business Process Outsourcing - How BPO works as a service (BPS). Often when companies think about business process outsourcing, they are really thinking about a tactical process change. Perhaps it's an outsourcer moving routine work offshore, taking over system management or leveraging economies of scale in procurement. These "better, faster, cheaper" projects have their place in keeping the business trim — but they are not transformative initiatives that help businesses thrive in times of change.

Maybe it's time to go one better – and really focus investment, time and energy on activities that are key to customer goals, with a re-examination of anything that does not help deliver value. If you are a retailer, do you need to own the invoice processing that is key for supplier management? If you are an airline, is your ticketing operation really a differentiator? If you are a manufacturer, do you have to own warranty management?

760050 38888448 520In the conditions of hardly recovering post-crisis market most companies decided to cut their IT expenses. In most cases this is natural measure to take for any top manager, as automation of information flow is not the main priority in business processes.
On another hand, any progressive CEO subconsciously understands that the business cannot stand at one place and has to develop in any case. The business has to correspond the demands and challenges created by the progress, and the main guarantee of it are not only adjusted and aligned processes inside your business, but also the speed, accuracy and timeliness of data provision. Exactly for this purpose the automation of Business Process Management (BPM) is needed.

outsourcingMore HR FRONT 520Outsourcing&More is the leading magazin for the Polish business process- and IT outsourcing industry. The Outsourcing Journal and the German Austrian Swiss Outsourcing Association are partner of the magazine and co-operates closely with its makers from the

Today we like to share the latest issue of Outsourcing&More about the HR-Service industry in Poland. The Magazine is completely in English and free for download.

safira bpm bpo 2012 500On recent insights, Gartner reported the benefits of BPM technology applied to BPO organizations. On this article we bring forward practical BPM implementation guidelines that will ease your path through maturity.

The applicability and benefits of Business Process Management approach to improve BPO providers' performance have been widely pointed out by analysts such as Gartner. The main highlight of this research is the impact that BPM can have on the client experience (improve service quality and client performance) and on your internal performance (reduce costs, increase scale). An important point is that BPM initiatives on both ends can be a key driver for the maturity of the relationship.

SAP AG Headquarter 640Wie Outsourcing hilft das im Bankenumfeld dringend benötigte Spezialisten Know-How rechtzeitig zu sichern. Marktbeobachter sind sich sicher: Die Vergabe der Application Management Services gehört zu den richtungsweisenden Trends im IT-Outsourcing. Ähnlich äußerte sich zu Jahresbeginn auch der Branchenverband Bitkom. Vor allem für das Management der SAP-Anwendungen kommt Bewegung in die Servicelandschaft. Neue Sourcing-Modelle entstehen und helfen das dringend benötigte Spezialisten-Know-How mittelfristig zu sichern, Kunden profitieren dauerhaft von der Professionalisierung durch einen externen, auf die Application Management Services spezialisierten Partner.

freelancer 640Kaufbeuren, Juni 2012. — Der Anbietermarkt für Rekrutierung, Vermittlung und Steuerung freiberuflicher IT-Experten ist im Jahr 2011 überproportional gewachsen. Durchschnittlich konnten die zehn führenden Anbieterunternehmen ihre Umsätze um 29,1 Prozent auf insgesamt mehr als 1,2 Milliarden Euro steigern. Das zeigen erste Auswertungen der Lünendonk®-Marktsegmentstudie 2012 „Der Markt für Rekrutierung, Vermittlung und Steuerung freiberuflicher IT-Experten in Deutschland". Für das Jahr 2012 rechnen die von der Lünendonk GmbH, Kaufbeuren, analysierten Anbieter aufgrund des erwarteten niedrigen Wirtschaftswachstums mit einem durchschnittlichen Marktwachstum von 13,4 Prozent.

documents 640In comparison with paper-based processes, electronic invoice handling processes make it possible to reduce costs by 50-80%. Investments in electronic invoice processing can therefore often be gained back within 6 months.

More and more customers expect invoices from their suppliers in electronic form. Therefore, sustainable rates of growth of 20-30% are expected for the electronic invoice market in the coming years.

insourcing_logistik_miebachLogistik-Outsourcing bleibt trotz Sättigung in den klassischen Bereichen Transport und Lagerung beliebt. Jedoch gewinnt das Insourcing strategischer Logistikfunktionen an Bedeutung. Dies ist das Fazit der von Miebach Consulting in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Verkehrszeitung (DVZ) durchgeführten Befragung, an der 140 Verlader und 50 Dienstleister teilnahmen. Die Outsourcing-Studie wird seit 1998 regelmäßig von Miebach durchgeführt.