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The Emerging Integration of CEM and CRM – An Introduction

CRM-CEM 520x320We are living in a customers' world where concepts like customer experience or satisfaction are more and more popular. This means that competitive advantages acquired through brand, delivered services, innovation or price are all now common things. A new trend is nowadays hero meant to drive customers delight by analyzing, connecting and building strong relationships with the existing clients' base. In other words, managing the relationship with those who have chosen your services is the goal of our times.
Worldwide companies have easily understood and embraced the customers' centric orientation, since it effectively drives improvement in the financial results.

But how does this attitude influence the company's results? What are the measurable results?
• Increased loyalty, therefore retention of the existing base;
• A high Net Promoting Score (NPS) that generates new customers;
• Easiness in gaining new territories and valuable customers.


Preis der Deutschen Wirtschaft an bulgarischen Service-Dienstleister

CallPoint_DeutscherPreis_640Der Outsourcing-Dienstleister CallPoint New Europe hat den Preis der Deutschen Wirtschaft in der Kategorie „Großunternehmen" erhalten. Der Dienstleister wurde für die Erhöhung seiner Mitarbeiteranzahl sowie der Entwicklung seiner Geschäftsbeziehungen mit Partnern aus Deutschland in 2011 prämiert. Der Preis wurde von Herrn Dr. Volker Treier, dem stellvertretenden Hauptgeschäftsführer des Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertages, überreicht.