Interview: Outsourcing And Shared Services In The Financial Services Industry

Mr. Anderson as Managing Director of Trestle Group in Switzerland you have had the chance to work on some complex IT and business process...

Interview – Success Of BPO/SSC Companies – The Human Factor

Our partner publication the Outsourcing&More Magazin from Poland interviewed Krzysztof Stanczykiewicz, Business Unit Manager w HRK S.A. Poland continues to strengthen itself as one of the...

Emerging Business Process Outsourcing Trends In Europe

By Randev Dias, Senior Manager Professional Services at OpusCapita Group. The global business environment is in constant shift. As organizations adapt to changes triggered by...

Outsourcing In The Healthcare Industry

By Paul Parmar is CEO of Constellation Healthcare Technologies, UK. Hospitals, medical practices and healthcare organisations are all experiencing pressure on their bottom line...

4 Steps to Outsourcing Knowledge Intensive Processes

By Dr. Karin Stumpf and Johannes Deltl, Managing Directors of Acrasio, Germany for the Outsourcing Journal Special Editions - In the last years outsourcing has...

Business Process Outsourcing As An Agency Relalationship

The strong growth of the BPO service provision sector in the recent years is a testimony of the model’s superiority over alternatives – most...
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German Market for F&A and Payroll Outsourcing 2014 – Download 70 pages Analysis

This report provides an analysis of the markets for outsourcing of payroll and finance & accounting processes in Germany, partly including Austria and Switzerland...
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Multi-Country Payroll In Eastern Europe – Challenges And Solutions

payrol cee blue 520An analyis of the challenges and respective strategies based on an in- dependent research, written by Alice Anghelea, UCMS Group - The countries from Eastern Europe often stand as problem areas for the Regional Payroll Managers, sometimes even for the Global Payroll Managers. Companies find it difficult to gain visibility into local payroll activities and to implement a standard centralized multi-country payroll model across the region.

The economic importance of the region is increasing and the legislative environment in the Eastern European countries has been evolving. The search for appropriate solutions to tackle every multi-country payroll challenge becomes even more pressing.

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Pros and cons of Business Automation – is it worth to implement BPM automation...

760050 38888448 520In the conditions of hardly recovering post-crisis market most companies decided to cut their IT expenses. In most cases this is natural measure to take for any top manager, as automation of information flow is not the main priority in business processes.
On another hand, any progressive CEO subconsciously understands that the business cannot stand at one place and has to develop in any case. The business has to correspond the demands and challenges created by the progress, and the main guarantee of it are not only adjusted and aligned processes inside your business, but also the speed, accuracy and timeliness of data provision. Exactly for this purpose the automation of Business Process Management (BPM) is needed.

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HR-Outsourcing in Poland

outsourcingMore HR FRONT 520Outsourcing&More is the leading magazin for the Polish business process- and IT outsourcing industry. The Outsourcing Journal and the German Austrian Swiss Outsourcing Association are partner of the magazine and co-operates closely with its makers from the

Today we like to share the latest issue of Outsourcing&More about the HR-Service industry in Poland. The Magazine is completely in English and free for download.