power plant 520 optUtilities companies, that once promised high dividends to its stockholders and carried low risks, are increasingly witnessing their profit margins decline as they respond to material regulatory constraints, demand fluctuations, price volatility and new competition. Furthermore, power generation continues to remain one of the most regulated and capital-intensive industry, facing the triple challenge of improving environmental performance, delivering a high degree of system reliability while keeping consumers' costs down. These dynamics have consistently eaten into the utility companies' profit margins, forcing these organizations to re- think their business models and leverage information technology and analytics as sources of competitive advantage.

insourcing_logistik_miebachLogistik-Outsourcing bleibt trotz Sättigung in den klassischen Bereichen Transport und Lagerung beliebt. Jedoch gewinnt das Insourcing strategischer Logistikfunktionen an Bedeutung. Dies ist das Fazit der von Miebach Consulting in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Verkehrszeitung (DVZ) durchgeführten Befragung, an der 140 Verlader und 50 Dienstleister teilnahmen. Die Outsourcing-Studie wird seit 1998 regelmäßig von Miebach durchgeführt.