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solvencyII_EUOutsourcing ist im Rahmen von Solvency-II-Projekten ein klarer Mehrwert. Zu dieser Einschätzung kommt Jochen Witte von der Unternehmensberatung microfin in der aktuellen Praxis bei Versicherern. Der Grund: Seriöses Outsourcing verlange eine genaue Analyse der Prozesse über die Kernbereiche hinaus – und daran fehle es in vielen Versicherungen bislang. Deshalb führten Sourcing-Projekte regelmäßig zu einer realistischeren Bewertung der eigenen Risiken und damit zu einem effektiveren Solvency-II-Prozess, so der Experte. Voraussetzung allerdings ist eine professionelle Führung der Auslagerung.

By Paul Parmar is CEO of Constellation Healthcare Technologies, UK. Hospitals, medical practices and healthcare organisations are all experiencing pressure on their bottom line and several have been or are close to being declared bankrupt. Despite growing patient numbers,...

safira bpm bpo 2012 500On recent insights, Gartner reported the benefits of BPM technology applied to BPO organizations. On this article we bring forward practical BPM implementation guidelines that will ease your path through maturity.

The applicability and benefits of Business Process Management approach to improve BPO providers' performance have been widely pointed out by analysts such as Gartner. The main highlight of this research is the impact that BPM can have on the client experience (improve service quality and client performance) and on your internal performance (reduce costs, increase scale). An important point is that BPM initiatives on both ends can be a key driver for the maturity of the relationship.

CRM-CEM 520x320We are living in a customers' world where concepts like customer experience or satisfaction are more and more popular. This means that competitive advantages acquired through brand, delivered services, innovation or price are all now common things. A new trend is nowadays hero meant to drive customers delight by analyzing, connecting and building strong relationships with the existing clients' base. In other words, managing the relationship with those who have chosen your services is the goal of our times.
Worldwide companies have easily understood and embraced the customers' centric orientation, since it effectively drives improvement in the financial results.

But how does this attitude influence the company's results? What are the measurable results?
• Increased loyalty, therefore retention of the existing base;
• A high Net Promoting Score (NPS) that generates new customers;
• Easiness in gaining new territories and valuable customers.

By Guilherme Pereira, Head of International Business Development of HCCM-Outsourcing Investment Group. - It is a fact that no matter the type of activity or services we may be talking about, Technology is evolving dramatically and factually playing the role...
The business world is in a state of perpetual change. Spiraling amounts of data, new technologies, fluctuating market requirements, and the restructuring of existing value chains have a strong and significant impact. Unconventional, innovative market players are poised to...

social-media_640A new service attracts US Companies in Bulgaria, announced one of the leading outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe, CallPoint New Europe. The new service is called social media monitoring and it helps companies to better understand and measure their brand health and engagement with their customers’ community from all over the world in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, message boards and forums. The call centre monitors millions of messages, comments and posts throughout the web and filters the ones that mention the company name, brand, product or any other assigned keyword.

The data is sliced and diced and the information is deeply analysed and organized in various reports. Furthermore, the operators can answer the authors, create new content or just engage with the loyal customers of the brand or react to negative and crisis online campaigns via one integrated platform. The service is delivered in 20 different languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By Michael Mills, SVP, Global Sales and Solutions, CGS - Executives of businesses big and small are faced with many unique decisions as they tackle today’s challenging corporate landscape, while reviewing potential opportunities for growth. Should I expand globally? What...
By Richard Jeffery, co-founder of AOMi, UK - In recent years, more and more businesses have turned to partner organisations to provide cost-effective ways to manage key processes such as customer service, technical support, IT services and even sales, marketing...

callcenter3Business experiencing slow economy almost try think in a negative way and a great number of establishments tend to discontinue their operations and start something new. But without knowing the actual conditions it is a sign of discomfort for many such companies and do not allocate the distribution of responsibilities in the appropriate hands. If we take an example of a contact centers service, there are many cost-reduction strategies that can effectively return the great losses and stabilize the business in certain period. Just need to check out the grey areas and reinforce strict boundaries to save money.

The cost-cutting strategies can be carried with the following four strategies that will position your contact center.