OM25 coverAutumn usually coincides with companies becoming more active and is full of conferences and industry events. As each year, both in Poland and in Europe, there is no shortage of interesting and substantive meetings. Without a doubt, one of the most important international events was Arena IT in Lviv which took place in Ukraine. It is one of the biggest IT conferences in Europe. On Outsourcing&More pages you can read interview with Stepan Veselovskiy – the President of the Lviv IT Cluster.

OM-okladka 520With this issue of Outsourcing&More Magazine we invite you to read some new publications. Together with the Pro Progressio Foundation The Outsourcing&More Magazin started a new initiative called City Tour – a series of visits to Polish cities aimed at delivering independent analysis of their levels of business attractiveness. Our tour starts in Radom which is soon to be followed by reports from other conurbations. As we are filling you in on the most important industry events to date, we cross the Polish border.

Die Stadt Rzeszów, Hauptstadt der Woiwodschaft Podkarpackie (Karpatenvorland) wird seit vielen Jahren mit spezialisierter Luftfahrtindustrie, der Sonderwirtschaftszone „Euro-Park” Mielec und den dortigen Clustern in Verbindung gebracht. Der Sektor der modernen Business-Dienstleistungen und insbesondere die IT-Branche sind in...

focus 500x300We were writing earlier about the series of mini-reports about Polish cities, that provide a good environment for ITO and BPO services and Shared Services Centers, which is published by the Pro Progressio Foundation, a partner organization of the German Outsourcing Association.

Now we update the information as a new report is available about one of the major destinations within Poland: Szczecin.

"Focus on" reports are the cycle of mini-reports published by the Polish ProProgressio Foundation. Reports are prepared with Polish cities, HR Advisory Agencies and Real Estate Advisory Agencies and their main goal is to present investment opportunities, business environment and outsourcing industry in Poland. Focus on reports are distributed in Poland, but also internationally thanks to the partnership with Deutscher Outsourcing Association, Scandinavian – Polish Chamber of Commerce and Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Polonaise en France.

More information and downloads are available via the ProProgressio Foundation's website.

Focus On Report's video on Poznan as destination for ITO and BPO services! Must watch. Produced and published by our partner organization in Poland Pro Progressio Foundation. > Watch the video More about Polish sourcing and service center destinations...

Euromaidan in Kiev 2014 520By Aviram Eisenberg, Israel & Germany. I have done business in Ukraine for quite some time now and I must confess I saw the country's great potential, took a bet and won. Nowadays, the rapid developments in Ukraine, including protests that pushed out Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych and Russia's subsequent moves in Crimea, have drawn international attention to the region...but didn't manage to scare me off. As fears have risen that the conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine could shift into a military confrontation, I think there is little risk of global financial contagion or of major blowback to Western economies. So, how does the thriving Ukrainian IT market cope with the "Great Depression"?

romania 1With the Outsourcing Destination Guide Romania we inform about the capabilities and actors of the Romanian ITO and BPO industry.

We inform about market, conditions and actors and show case unique solutions invented by Romanian service industry experts in the form of case studies and project reports.

As a result we help decision makers to better understand the advantages and conditions in working with Romanian IT- and business services providers.

The Polish/English Outsourcing&More Magazine is one of our partner media. The magazine is published bi-monthly in Polish and English language, providing insights and contacts on the Polish outsourcing services industry. Here you can download the current issue.  

Guide Bealrus front 520

We present with the Outsourcing Guide Belarus the capabilities and actors of the Belarus IT Industry. We inform about market, conditions and actors and show case unique solutions invented by Belarus service industry experts in the form of case studies and project reports.

We help decision makers to better understand the advantages and conditions in working with Belarus IT services providers.

The Outsourcing Guide Belarus is and independent publication by German Outsourcing Association in co-operation with Belarus for free global distribution.

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Kosovo Newborn Credit CRADEL WIKI 520A strong average of English and German skills, similar work culture to people of Western Europe and US, huge, untapped and well-educated workforce and experienced training service providers, which deliver certified professionals to the market, make Kosovo a runner up in the list of the top places for outsourcing in Eastern Europe, while its capital Prishtina, is close to over 10 cities of Central and Eastern Europe.

The backbone of the ICT Industry the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (, which represents the industry, founded in 2008, has provided constant publications around the situation of the ICT Industry of the country on yearly bases including information about procurement, IPR Structure, Demand/Supply, Skills gap analysis, Standardization and the latest report on internet penetration which shows a figure of over 72% internet penetration in the country, giving an incentive of an interesting ICT Industry profile, where over 130 ICT Companies operate, 80% owned by locals and less than 10% by foreigners , with an average size of 10-20 employees.