CERI EUROPA 2012 550Branchenanalysten und Investoren sind sich einig, dass Polen eine führende Rolle im Bereich der IT- und Business-Services innerhalb Europas übernehmen kann. Ein deutlicher Indikator dafür sind zum Beispiel die fast 300 Shared Service Center und Business-Process-Outsourcing-Dienstleister, die sich in den letzten Jahren erfolgreich in Polen etablieren konnten.

Kosovo Newborn Credit CRADEL WIKI 520A strong average of English and German skills, similar work culture to people of Western Europe and US, huge, untapped and well-educated workforce and experienced training service providers, which deliver certified professionals to the market, make Kosovo a runner up in the list of the top places for outsourcing in Eastern Europe, while its capital Prishtina, is close to over 10 cities of Central and Eastern Europe.

The backbone of the ICT Industry the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (, which represents the industry, founded in 2008, has provided constant publications around the situation of the ICT Industry of the country on yearly bases including information about procurement, IPR Structure, Demand/Supply, Skills gap analysis, Standardization and the latest report on internet penetration which shows a figure of over 72% internet penetration in the country, giving an incentive of an interesting ICT Industry profile, where over 130 ICT Companies operate, 80% owned by locals and less than 10% by foreigners , with an average size of 10-20 employees.

Euromaidan in Kiev 2014 520By Aviram Eisenberg, Israel & Germany. I have done business in Ukraine for quite some time now and I must confess I saw the country's great potential, took a bet and won. Nowadays, the rapid developments in Ukraine, including protests that pushed out Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych and Russia's subsequent moves in Crimea, have drawn international attention to the region...but didn't manage to scare me off. As fears have risen that the conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine could shift into a military confrontation, I think there is little risk of global financial contagion or of major blowback to Western economies. So, how does the thriving Ukrainian IT market cope with the "Great Depression"?

By Volodymyr Kostanda, CEO, Adoriasoft. Today understanding the way a full cycle software development company operates may be of an utmost importance to companies seeking a nearshore development partner. The providers of such full cycle software development services are thus...

Ukrainian-ITMarket 2012 1 640The Ukrainian IT Market keeps maintaining double-digit growth rate. In 2012 it becomes more balanced and corresponds to the actual economic situation in Ukraine. Definitely, we can say that the market becomes really predictable. According to the latest report "IT Market in Ukraine 2012" by PMR market will grow by 14% in 2012. Ciklum Sales Office keeps opening this region for Western countries and reporting on events, news and trends. We know how to convert this information into benefits for your business.

Polnisch-deutsch-nachbarschaftsvertrag_640Polnische und deutsche Geschäftskultur sind sich sehr ähnlich. In aller Regel gibt es kaum Hindernisse für eine gute Beziehung zwischen deutschen und polnischen Geschäftspartnern. Gleichzeitig bestehen jedoch feine Unterschiede, die dafür sorgen, dass die Geschäftsleute nie in Routine geraten und ihre Kontakte um interessante Kulturfaktoren bereichert werden.

Die Deutschen sind talentierte und anspruchsvolle Verhandlungspartner. Sie bereiten sich in der Regel gründlich für jedes Gespräch vor, indem sie sich gut über den Verhandlungsgegenstand und den Vertragspartner informieren. Die Deutschen sind stark auf den Abschluss der Transaktion und weniger auf den Verhandlungspartner konzentriert, vertreten also hoch transaktionsorientierte Einstellung zu Geschäften.

Die Polen haben viel weniger Erfahrung in der Kunst der Verhandlungen und sind oft in gleichem Maß transaktions- und partnerorientiert. Einerseits bevorzugen sie offene, ehrliche und direkte Ausdrucksweise, die doch so typisch für die Deutschen ist, andererseits legen sie großen Wert auf gegenseitiges Vertrauen und Aufbau der guten zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen vor und während der Business-Gespräche. Im Gegensatz zu den hoch transaktionsorientierten Kulturen ziehen die Polen ein persönliches Treffen einem Telefongespräch vor.

Cluj2 520Gross Domestic Product output in the EU followed a contraction line in the second quarter of 2012 both among member states of the Union and the euro zone countries. Romania's GDP growth, however, is remarkably outperforming the figures of its CEE peers: Romania was one of the nine EU states to achieve both quarter on quarter (QoQ) and year on year (YoY) growth and registered the 4th highest economic growth rate in EU in Q2 2012.


Economic Premises

While in the previous quarter GDP in both the euro zone and the EU27 was down 0.2%, Romania scored 0.5% higher in Q2 2012 against Q1 2012, preceeded by Sweden (1.4%), Latvia (1%) and Slovakia (0.7%). Comparing Q2 2012 to the same period last year, the euro zone's GDP fell by 0.4%, while the decrease for the EU27 was 0.2%. Meanwhile, Romania's GDP was up by 1.7% in Q2 2012 than in Q2 2011. Romania's GDP performance was among the best in Europe. Source: National Statistics Institute (INS).

The Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association, HOA has published its 2017 Business Services Benchmark Survey. The study provides reliable comprehensive data and insights into the Hungarian Shared Services and Outsourcing industry. The study was conducted in close co-operation with the Institute...

The long awaited IT Jam 2012 took place on September 1st for the 5th consecutive year and gathered more than 3,100 IT people from Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European countries. It has become the biggest gathering within the Ukrainian IT community in 2012. This year, however, Ciklum has changed IT Jam’s format and converted it from a bar-camp conference into a true meet and mix event with a series of interactive networking sessions and visionary presentations.

IT Jam 2012, ciklum
The event went under the slogan “What’s on the next level?” and aimed to draw a connecting line between the concept and implementation of innovative ideas in today’s hectic and volatile world. In order to foster networking and knowledge exchange, the event was divided into 3 zones with parallel activities:

OM25 coverAutumn usually coincides with companies becoming more active and is full of conferences and industry events. As each year, both in Poland and in Europe, there is no shortage of interesting and substantive meetings. Without a doubt, one of the most important international events was Arena IT in Lviv which took place in Ukraine. It is one of the biggest IT conferences in Europe. On Outsourcing&More pages you can read interview with Stepan Veselovskiy – the President of the Lviv IT Cluster.