INTRACEN (ITC), an WTO/UN organisation supporting emerging economies provided us with current information on one of the most interesting emerging destinations for global IT and BPO services in the Asian/Indonesian region - Sri Lanka. INTRACEN and the Government of Sri...
Die Philippinen sind in der weltweiten Offshoring-Outsourcing Industrie die deutliche Nummer 2 hinter Indien. Mit über 1,3 Millionen Beschäftigten und über 22 Mrd. USD Gesamtleistung haben wir es mit einem sehr erwachsenen Markt zu tun, den auch zahlreiche deutsche...
The German Outsourcing Association (GOA) has signed a MoU with the China Outsourcing Magazine (COM) to share information and content in the area of outsourcing, and to promote each other's publications and initiatives on their domestic markets. China Outsourcing...

640px-Shanghai Pudong 520Gesamtvolumen übertrifft Milliardenmarke. Berlin - Das chinesische Neujahrsfest wurde gestern eingeläutet: Die erste Runde der Völkerwanderung Richtung Heimat ist abgeschlossen, Großteile der Wirtschaft befinden sich vorübergehend im Ruhemodus. Das Reich der Superlative atmet kurz durch, um schnellstmöglich wieder Fahrt aufzunehmen. Die Wirtschaft Chinas ist vergangenes Jahr um 7,8 Prozent gewachsen und hat sich damit stärker abgekühlt, als noch Anfang 2012 erwartet. „Bei wachsendem Binnenkonsum und leicht zunehmender Investitionstätigkeit dürfte das BIP-Wachstum des Landes 2013 Beobachtern zufolge die 8-Prozentmarke wieder übersteigen", so Corinne Abele, China-Expertin von Germany Trade & Invest in Berlin.

German donation ITC 2012Contribution to 2013 budget confirms Germany as top donor to ITC activities - Mr Thomas Fitschen, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, on Tuesday 4 December presented the International Trade Centre (ITC) with €2 million (US$ 2.6m), the country's contribution to ITC's 2013 budget.

Profil Farbe Songmin 330The German Outsourcing Association has reappointed Mr. Songmin Xie as General Chair China. Songmin is the General Chair China already since 2011, and he has a large contribution in developing the Association's network in China. With the extension of his appointment we have the prospect for further growth in the Association's reach out, network and co-operations in China.

Songmin is the founder and the CEO of Think IT Global GmbH. He has lived 13 years in Munich, and has several years work experience in the US, Germany and China in the IT industry. Accordingly, he is fluent in English, German and Chinese.

samsung BD MD Choon-Soo-MoonSamsung is the global leader in Consumer Electronics, mobile phones and imaging technologies. With over 220 billion USD of sales in 2010 and 344,000 employees globally – Samsung is the 2nd most admired electronics company on the planet.

Samsung has a strong local presence in Bangladesh in the mobile phones and consumer electronics space. With a strong market knowledge and local expertise - Samsung decided to set up a global software R&D center in Dhaka, Bangladesh in early 2010. This was one of the 3 new R&D centers opened by it globally in the year– the other 2 being in China.

IMG 0028 520The last 5 years have been a watershed in Bangladesh IT/ITeS industry. During this time, the Internet connectivity has been enhanced vastly over the country. The successive governments have made IT as a focus area, and have extended favorable policies for the growth of the sector. Subsidies towards technology imports and tax breaks were provided to the industry. With global outsourcing industry witnessing an upward trend, and sourcing enterprises looking at lower costs for improved service delivery, the Bangladeshi IT/ITeS industry has been able to take advantage of its vast resource pool and government support to make its presence felt in Global outsourcing market. 

Bangladesh IMG 4527 520In the next couple of weeks we will inform about the Bangladesh as indeed attractive destination for IT-services. Recent analysis and global market comparisons show that the IT-service industry in Bangladesh is capable of keeping up with established global destinations.

In this series we will provide information and insights as well as contacts to Bangladeshi industry organizations and leading IT service providers. The first article is from the team of KPMG Bangladesh and KPMG India.

Africa-regionsAfrika zieht als Offshoring-Standort zunehmend das Interesse deutscher Unternehmen auf sich. 16 Prozent der Entscheider gaben an, afrikanische Länder inzwischen in ihre Auslagerungspläne als Offshore-Standort einzubeziehen. Damit schließt Afrika zu China auf. Das Land der Mitte bewerten 17 Prozent der Unternehmen als interessanten Outsourcing-Standort. Andererseits liegen Osteuropa und Indien, die von 73 Prozent und 28 Prozent der Befragten als bevorzugte Offshore-Standorte genannt werden, noch immer deutlich vorne.