By Igor Mendzebrovski, EVP Outsourcing at Itera, Norway, Ukraine - Every forward-looking company reaches a point at which it must make fundamental changes to continue growing. This point often comes when development demands exceed the capabilities of current resources. Companies can...

631536 44610823 520In the movie, Outsourced (2006), Todd Anderson, Executive Vice-­‐ president of Marketing and Order fulfillment travels to India to train his replacement when the call center he manages in Seattle is outsourced. Willing novices staff the call center. Todd trains them to sound American. The movie is rife with cross-­‐cultural conflicts, such as the excerpt presented below:

Todd Anderson:
And based on the customer complaint we've been having, it's a cultural thing.
Basically, you people need to learn about America. It's all about bringing down the MPI1.

Things go faster if the customers feel they talking to a native English speaker. Indian call center agent:

But we are native English speakers. English is the official language of our government.
You got it from the British, and so did we. We just speak it differently.

Aneta-Blaszczyk Poland 520In cost-reimbursable or cost-plus models, the service provider is compensated for the expenses incurred, up to a prescribed limit and an additional balloon payment to allow for some profit. Cost-reimbursable model differs from fixed-price model in that the service provider is paid a compensated to the extent prescribed in the contract, regardless of the nature of expenses incurred. However, in a fixed price model, the service provider is forced to deliver upon commitments within the limits set in the fixed price agreement.

803084 83955600 500Innovation driven markets rely on constantly evolving expertise to increase portfolio profits. Pharmaceutical outsourcing and in particular contract research are considered the scientific backbone in biotech companies. Nearly any pharmaceutical firm utilizes research collaborators to launch innovative therapy ideas.

Given the constantly changing environmental conditions for pharmaceutical markets that are characterized by mergers and acquisitions, drugs with reduced market exclusivity, patent expiries, pipelines lacking innovative therapy concepts, swamps of generic drugs and a changing public health care system, challenging business situations are expected.

By Dr.-Ing. Olaf Röper, CIO i.R. and Advisor to CxO’s - As part of an outsourcing agree- ment, the ITO contract partners generally agree on how the future operation is to be carried out. Negotiations on service-level agreements and the...
By Ralph Schonenbach, former CEO at Trestle Group, founder and CEO at Envoy AG, Switzerland. Organizations have been outsourcing for several decades covering a wide spectrum of roles and functions.  With all of the years of experience gained by companies...

umfrage picture stf 2Sind Shared Services Modelle – heute bei Großunternehmen üblich – auch im Mittelstand angekommen und etabliert?

Welche Erfahrungen gibt es mit der Konsolidierung und Zentralisierung von Dienstleistungsprozessen eines Unternehmens in einer separierten Organisation – und welche Zukunftsperspektiven räumen die Unternehmen Shared Services ein?

german frontBy Carola Copland, General Council Chair Education & Certification German Outsourcing Association - Germany is regarded as Europe's industrial powerhouse and is in fact the world's second largest exporter: it is a leading exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals and benefits from having a highly skilled labour force and also from the fact that it is the only nation within Europe rich enough to save the Euro.

Recently I was asked the question "what is typical German business behaviour?" This was connected to a discussion on how difficult it is to deal with Germans.

1289291 99716543 520Incentive based pricing model - In this model, bonus payments are made to service providers for achieving specific performance objectives beyond what is specified in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This model builds on top of a traditional pricing method, such as T&M or fixed price.

auschreibungDie Unternehmensberatung microfin bietet auf Ihrer Website ab sofort eine kostenlose Muster-Vorlage in Form einer Checkliste für IT-Ausschreibungen an. Mit ihr können Unternehmen sicherstellen, dass sie in ihren Ausschreibungsprozessen alle wichtigen Punkte abdecken und damit das Fehlerrisiko erheblich minimieren. Insbesondere im IT-Bereich werden nach Erfahrungen der Unternehmensberater bei Vergabeprozessen immer wieder Chancen ausgelassen oder wichtige Szenarien nicht geklärt. Daraus können im Ernstfall operative Probleme und hohe Kosten entstehen.