StruFin’s Consulting and Workflow Automation services are geared to take clients’ processes to the next level of optimization and control, offering ISO and SOX compliance amongst others, while our Outsourcing, Staffing and Training services offer a choice to manage operations at various levels of outsourcing and control.

Hard-skills aside, StruFin is built on a strong informal value-system, with top spots being taken by Quality, Integrity and Pride – a value system shared by the whole extended team consisting of permanent employees and freelance specialists.

Since inception, in 2010, StruFin has prided itself on delivering quality services, resulting in each client being an excellent reference – something we plan to continue. Also, owing to our business model and the business relationships brought in by the founders, StruFin has been cash-positive from the first month of operations. The business model combines low-risk with high scalability, leveraging the availability of skilled manpower across the branch locations and StruFin’s own intensive training program.

A word from StruFin

We are now on expansion mode and consider the German market a strategic part of our growth plans, for which we have built the requisite language skills and training resources; and currently we’re working on our presence to establish StruFin as a serious player in the German-speaking market.

At StruFin, we follow the philosophy that happy employees result in happy customers, which has been embodied in our Logo.

The StruFin Logo – The StruFin Logo captures our philosophy and our organization in its design, inspired by the snowflake – one of the most intricately structured and beautiful objects found in nature. The logo is made of people – happy and energetic people in a structured and networked environment, working together and growing themselves as well as the organization. The beautiful, and symmetrical 360° structure signifies a well rounded environment and equal opportunities – something that is pleasant to whoever gets in touch.

And that is what we are here for – to build an organization that each one of us would be proud of, and an organization you will love to work with.

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