The Report aims to help Austrian outsourcing companies:

Get an in-depth understanding of the current IT Outsourcing demands and trends

See what challenges are facing their market peers / competitors and how they respond to them

Revise / improve their current IT Outsourcing engagements / business models based on the industry best practices


The Report aims to help Austrian non-outsourcing companies:

Better understand modern software development/IT costs optimization and/or reduction strategies

See what challenges are facing the in-house software development and how their market peers / competitors respond to them

Evaluate own readiness to adopt the outsourced / distributed development

Find out what their market peers think about software development /IT Outsourcing and how they are / will be preparing for adoption of the outsourced development in the future


Key Takeaways from the Survey:

The greatest demand for ITO services in Austria comes from B2B software development companies

Most of ITO projects take 3 to 5 IT specialists to complete and are valued at €0-49K

Web solutions are most outsourced, while embedded development is least outsourced in Austria

Most of the Austrian companies outsource nearshore

Most of the Austrian companies outsource to focus on core competences, reduce operating costs and release in-house staff for other business purposes

The key issues in the Austrian ITO are poor communication with vendor’s teams, shortage of skilled resources on vendor’s side and cultural difference

Most of Austrian companies outsource their IT / development to small providers via the fixed-price/time- and-material (T&M) models

Most of companies refuse to outsource, because they want to have 100% managerial control of their software / IT projects


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