For the past couple of years cloud technologies have become a popular model for many companies around the world. According to the Brocade survey, nearly 48 percent of European companies have already implemented a cloud based infrastructure while a lot of companies are planning to migrate to the cloud in the near future. IDC analysts predict that in 2011 the USA market of cloud services will keep growing and reach 17.6 billion dollars. In order to satisfy all the needs of the modern business, IT companies are expanding the range of cloud services provided which on the one hand allows companies to optimize their IT budgets and adapt their resource capabilities to the real needs and on the other hand can be used by software vendors as a powerful instrument for increasing profit and expanding distribution channels. Following the most modern industry trends Artezio top management has decided to set up a special division for R&D activities in the cloud technologies area. 

To date Artezio has already implemented a number of cloud based solutions for its corporate clients and collected the broad experience in different cloud computing areas. Every client benefits from Artezio’s personal approach which helps to choose appropriate cloud platform for each development request. Today Artezio offers development services on such platforms as Amazon Web services, Rackspace, Cloud Platforms, Google and Windows Azure.

The experience of Artezio specialists helped to develop innovative commercial cloud based products focused on solving concrete business tasks. Among them are a SaaS application for mind mapping, a Windows Azure diagramming tool, etc. “To be able to compete on the international software market and stay among industry leaders, a modern IT company should constantly improve its solutions by using the most up to date achievements of the information technology that allow businesses to use applications more effectively and decrease maintenance expenses. Cloud computing is an essentially new stage of the IT development that requires employees with special skills and experience. That is why Artezio pays special attention to advanced trainings of its specialists”, comments Pavel Adylin, Artezio’s CEO.

Today Artezio services in the area of cloud computing include application development, consulting, IT infrastructure migration and integration as well as support, maintenance and optimization of the cloud based software. Denis Romanovsky, CTO of Artezio: “As cloud computing is one of our target competences that grows really fast, we want our potential clients and partners to get more involved in this particular area of Artezio’s expertise. That’s why we invite them to visit a specialized web-page devoted exactly to our cloud based services and solutions:”  


artezio_logo_125nAbout Artezio – Artezio is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development and consulting company. Over the last ten years, Artezio has completed more than 300 projects for its international clients. Since 2005, Artezio is a member and a major offshore division of LANIT group which is a $ 1.2 B IT Services vendor with over 4000 employees. From its development centers in Russia, Belarus and Canada, Artezio delivers cost effective, high quality IT services to clients in North America, Europe, Middle East and Japan thus being one of the leading Russian offshore/nearshore software developers according to the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100, the Black Book of Outsourcing, the Gartner Research, etc. –  

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