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The portfolio of Amicorp’s services includes:Finance & Accounting Services (including Tax Return preparations)

  • Data Capturing (Extraction) & Transaction Processing Services
  • Investment Portfolio Administration Services
  • Trust & Company Management Back-Office Services
  • Legal & Compliance Services
  • Procurement Support Services

Amicorp BPO possesses extensive experience in bookkeeping and preparing Financial Statements (over 5,000 per year, according to IFRS or the GAAP standards of various countries) and Tax Returns for various jurisdictions where we operate currently, and in various languages.

For the Data Capturing (Extraction) & Transaction Processing Services, Amicorp uses a unique combination of technological innovation (automated recognition and uploading), supported by manual checks and balances to obtain 100% accuracy, for a clear price. The service can be used for processing financial documents like invoices and bank statements, as well as for extracting information from other documents like forms and legal documents.

For the scanning and processing of financial documents, the service can get connected with a portal or broad range of accounting packages, including cloud solutions. All images of documents can directly (online) be viewed in your (the client’s) software and the digitalized financial information can be completed with a booking proposal or an immediate booking.

Amicorp BPO can effectively manage your (back-office) processes in different cost efficient locations (for different clientele), in accordance with clear service level agreements. You can focus on your core business while leaving the delivery of the infrastructure and facilities that supports your core functions in Amicorp BPO’s hands, meaning:

Reduction in management time spent on non-core functions allowing more focus on key strategies
Significant improvement in productivity resulting from close monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
“Growth without investment” since fixed costs are converted to variable costs, resulting in stronger cash flows

Most of the Amicorp BPO services are rendered out of (ISO certified) offices in India, the Philippines and South Africa. Client relationship managers are within reach in all the Amicorp offices and most offices have staff available to coordinate or even to execute a part of the work.

Contracts can be labor or seat based, transaction based or even goal based. Unlike other service providers, Amicorp is able to offer tailored and personalized high quality services for clients looking at a limited number of people involved (5 to 50 seats on average).

Our clients benefit from around the clock services at a fraction of their current operating costs (savings of 35% can be achieved). The return-to-focus concept provides a dramatic bottom line impact that can help positively transform the economies of any business (including small and medium enterprises) and increase the efficiency of transaction execution.

Amicorp BPO ensures value by enhanced process management, high standard service levels and substantial cost savings! 

Sandeep Singh Chhatwal
Rechtsanwalt / Attorney at law (Germany) Business Development

+49 (0) 221 949 97 631

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AMICORP is official Knowledge Partner of the German Outsourcing Association