This event is to bring the regional Agile movement onto the next level by integrating goals and directions of the local communities. Also it is to integrate the regional Eastern European movement with the World-wide Agile movement by expanding the horizons and by adding new fresh pieces to the multi-cultural mosaic. About a half of conference speakers are well-known industry professionals from U.S, Canada and Western Europe.

AGILE EASTERN EUROPE, SEASON 3 on 23-24 September 2011 – Kyiv, Ukraine

Great program: 2 days, 4 stages, 40 talks & workshops! – Master Classes (CSM, CSPO, Lean, Design) running by the key speakers! – More than 35 Speakers from 18 Countries

Agileee’s geography goes far beyond the boundaries of Eastern Europe! Speakers are from all over the world: Jurgen Appelo (Netherlands), Robin Dymond (USA),  Yves Hanoulle (Belguim), J.B. Rainsberger (Canada), Danko Kovatch (Israel), Robert Dempsey (USA), Vasco Duarte (Finland), Mack Adams (USA), and others.

Unforgettable  atmosphere – sharing experience, professional contacts, a lot of fun and communication in the spirit of Agileee! Visit to know more and register >>>