Distribution & Reach

Our publications are promoted and distributed via a unique media mix, that ensures a significant reach within our markets and internationally. All visitors, subscribers, members, followers, social media contacts and partners have a pre- established interest in ITO/BPO solutions.

Website reach (Outsourcing Journal Online Edition only)

Unique visitors (3 months) 16,424 traffic
Visitors (3 months) 19,441 traffic
Page views (3 months) 196,536 traffic

Email reach

  • 4.000+ Email – members, subscribers
  • 5.000+ Email – industry specific, focus DACH

Social media reach

  • 2.600 Xing Outsourcing Network group
  • 590+ LinkedIn Outsourcing Network group
  • 200+ LinkedIn Outs. Verband (associ.) group
  • 2.70+ Twitter followers (Outsourc. Journal)
  • 220+ Facebook – Outsourcing Journal


  • 28% Users/buyers
  • 17% Consulting
  • 30% ITO vendors
  • 16% BPO vendors
  • 4% Government, associations, investment promotion
  • 3% University / students / education
  • 2% PR, media and event organizers, others


  • 51% Germany, Austria, Switzerland, incl. end users and IT-organizations looking for or using external service providers
  • 47% International markets incl. Western-Europe, US and Canada, Central-America, Asia, Indonesia, Middle-East, Australia

Numbers group wide for German Outsourcing Association services. The final number of users/buyers is actually a bit higher, as many IT-companies in Germany are also buyers of outsourced services.


Download the complete information on profile, media, publishing, presenting and reach with the Media Data 2016 PDF